EZIE Updates | Aug 8 2022

8.8 Promo Sales on EZIE Shipping! with min. spend of SGD 800 & Get 8.8% back!

Are you ready for our 8.8 promotion? From 4th August to 12th August...
EZIE Updates | Aug 5 2022

How to become a Shopee Seller Easier

If you are someone who started selling online, Shopee is a great way to start. Here’s why!
EZIE Updates | Jul 8 2022

What is COD?

We use COD as an abbreviation of Cash On Delivery. Cash on Delivery is a type of payment that the recipient pays...
EZIE Updates | Jul 7 2022

7.7 sale EZIE bonus rate! Spend above $700 on shipping fees & Get 7% back!

Are you ready for our 7.7 promotion? From 4th July to 13th July...
EZIE Updates | Jun 25 2022

How to track your parcel?

After your parcel is picked up, you likely want to stay updated with the parcel’s status. Most real-time updates reflect on ...
EZIE Updates | Jun 25 2022

Dangerous goods, prohibited, and restricted items

We want you to have a smooth process in delivering your goods. However, there are items ...
EZIE Updates | Jun 25 2022

How to cancel order?

We understand that sometimes, there’s a need to cancel the order due to an error on the order details, change of mind ...
EZIE Updates | Jun 25 2022

Setting up payment methods

Setting up payment methods can be a hassle, so here is how you can do it. pick between credit card payment, top-up, or both! ...
EZIE Updates | Jun 24 2022

How to sign up with EZIE?

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start with a few simple steps to create your EZIE account ...
EZIE Updates | Jun 10 2022

Do I have to print the label? - Yes, you must

After you book a pick-up service, the question, “Do I have to print the label?” arises. And the answer is Yes, you must! ...
EZIE Updates | Jun 08 2022

How to pack my parcel

Have you already got that product that you want to sell? Well, what you need is a box to pack your things! ...
EZIE Updates | Jun 06 2022

6.6 sale EZIE bonus rate! 6% off spend above $600

Are you excited about the big 6.6 sales? Well, wait no further because we’ve got you covered! ...
EZIE Updates | May 25 2022

How to create your own Social Store on EZIE

Do you sell on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram? Why don’t you try EZIE Social Store? ...
EZIE Updates | May 5 2022

[Aspire Advance Card] Save on your business spends with the new Aspire Advance Card x EZIE App

Sign up with EZIE10 to get 10% cashback on your ...
EZIE Updates | Mar 2

How can EZIE Fulfilment benefit you and your business

Start your first Streamlined marketplace fulfillment service and dispatch to the warehouse ...
EZIE Updates | Feb 9

(2022 Ver.) Top 5 Best Cash on Delivery Courier Services in Singapore

COVID-19 has prompted the world to innovate faster than expected. One of the sectors ...
EZIE Updates | Nov 26, 2021

[EZIE Care] Protect Your Package up to SGD10,000

Get reimbursed automatically in case of loss or damage in transit. Claiming for the lost or ...
EZIE Updates | Jul 8, 2021

How to Top-Up your EZIE Wallet and get Cash bonuses on EZIE?

If you are here to learn more about the Cash bonuses, you may click here. Now, let's check...
EZIE Updates | Mar 25, 2021

How to plug your Lazada or Shopee store with EZIE?

If you are an online seller in Singapore, there is an extremely high chance that you are currently selling either on...
EZIE Updates | Mar 23, 2021

Building a strong Shipping Community

Because we also want you to share your voice with us, we also aim to grow an active...
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